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Satisfaction Services is a leading provider of Quality and Service Evaluation Programs, a concept of mystery shopping. We have changed the philosophy of an industry that has focused on people doing things wrong into a philosophy of rewarding people for doing things right. Secret Shoppers _
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Mystery Shopping Jobs with Satisfaction Services - Mystery Shoppers

Satisfaction Services has a higher expectation of the information provided by an evaluator / mystery shopper than a typical mystery shopping company:

A Satisfaction Services evaluator must be detail oriented, observant, organized and responsible. Our mystery shopping jobs are real work.

Mystery Shopping Job Training
real mystery shopping jobsPlease, print and use this general training guide as a reference for completing your mock assignment which you will base on a recent experience you have had as a consumer/ customer.

A Satisfaction Services evaluator will receive an email with the subject line Satisfaction Services Assignment.

This email contains details of the assignment, including name and address of store / restaurant location, etc.. You must be sure when you do any assignment that you go to the right location for that assignment. The email will instruct you to log onto this website to accept or decline the assignment.

A mystery shop assignment must be accepted or declined within 12 hours of email receipt. This email will also contain your login information (user name and password, print this login information and write down for future reference). Once you are logged into the site, detailed training documents and specific details of location (phone number and directions) are available to view and print.

Once the assignment is accepted, the survey will be available to view, study, print and eventually complete.

Review and print all training materials and forms prior to doing each evaluation.


Clients change what they are looking for month to month, and you always must be prepared to look specifically for what the client wants to know. This will ensure that everything is fresh in your mind as you walk into the location, you are comfortable with the shopping scenario you will be using and you don't forget any important observations to make.

At The Location

making money shopping and benefitsBegin your observation with the outside of the location. Notice cleanliness of parking lot, what is displayed in windows, signage, etc.

As you walk into the location, immediately notice how many sales associates / servers and customers are on the floor or at the front desk. Of course in a restaurant or similar busy environment you would not count the customers or the staff unless i.e. you saw only a couple of servers or staff helping at a busy location.

Observe environment : Displays, cleanliness of establishment, what sales associates / servers are doing, lighting, music, etc. If an associate comes right over to help, you may want to say you are just looking and walk around the store for a few minutes. Of course, this is not appropriate in certain shops like restaurants or hotels.

Once you are ready to interact with a sales associate or server, be sure to follow one of the scenarios from your assignments specific training document.

Remember names and details from this interaction; was the sales associate or server knowledgeable / trained on details and specifics of products, did they use suggestive selling, not 'is that it?' or 'anything else' … what did they try to sell you, what did they leave out, how did the interaction make you feel, what was their demeanor like, etc.

It's important to remember elapsed time; how long did things take to happen; i.e. it took 20 minutes for your entrée to come out. Do not say 'at 5:01 Joe greeted me', say something more like, 'Joe approached me after 4 minutes, he did not greet me, just asked if he could help me - he was more personable once he started showing me speakers."

If a shop allows for a companion to accompany you, then allow them to interact with you and offer their perspective so that all details can be remembered, but never at the location, anonymity is the key to mystery shopping.

Remember the purpose of your visit is to determine the quality of service you receive while shopping / dining /etc. The locations you will be visiting can not know they are being evaluated, so act like a typical customer. Don't make unusual requests or demanding requests and in the same tone you are not there to socialize with the staff, let them do their job. i.e. Don't walk in and say "I want a 56" TV", or order specific drinks, an appetizer or food before the server has a chance to greet and offer service to you.

Immediately after you leave the location, sit in your car or somewhere away from the location and write notes. You have 12 hours after your visit to complete the survey . For the most accurate and useful information, please complete the online survey as soon as possible. If you are interrupted while typing your survey click the 'submit partial' button and your survey will be saved so when you return to complete it, it's all there ( We suggest you save the summary in a Word document). Once you complete the survey entirely, click 'submit complete' button and this concludes your assignment.

Payment varies for each type of evaluation, but checks are processed on the 25th of the next month following your submitted and approved evaluation. If reimbursed expenses are due, they will be included in this check as well as the standard payment. As an example, if you complete your shop in June, your check will be processed on July 25th.

Helpful Tips For Quality & Service Evaluators / Shoppers
Maintain Anonymity.

You must remain anonymous at all times during an evaluation. Do not take any forms or papers with you (especially reports you need to fill out for the company!). Try not to take notes or do anything that would identify you as an evaluator. Pretend that you are an ordinary shopper, just as you would if you were actually shopping or dining for yourself.

Read Your Instructions.

Read all of the instructions AND the report form that you will fill out later. Know ahead of time exactly where you are going and what kinds of things to keep an eye out for.

Fill out and SUBMIT evaluation form on time.

Complete and return any reports, audits or forms within 12 hours of performing the evaluation.
In this way, things are fresh in your mind. Also many companies do have a time limit for evaluators to fill out their reports.

Details, Details, Details ...

As a quality & service evaluator you should try to remember and relate as many details and facts of the shop as you can. Being observant is very important.

Names of managers and employees are also especially important. Look at badges, sales receipts, etc. for the names of employees. If you cannot get a name try to provide a good physical description such as sex, age, hair / eye color and distinguishing features (facial hair, glasses, etc). For example: "We were served by a young man in his 20s with bright red hair and wearing glasses."

Report, Don't Comment - Complete Detailed Summary

Your job as an evaluator is to report facts and details, not offer suggestions on fixing or improving company policies. Companies will use your reports to examine their own internal policies and work systems. It's very important to let them draw their own conclusions on such.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Please give balanced observations. You should try to approach every assignment with a sense of neutrality. Try to offer your observations not your opinions. Providing an excessively negative or positive report may imply that you did not carefully observe everything during your evaluation. Although this does not mean that you should not report a very positive or negative experience, rather that your report should not be completely positive or completely negative.

Professionalism and Accuracy Count

Always try to use appropriate grammar and spelling. Be sure to read the instructions and training for every assignment most require specific scenarios, language and terminology (i.e. use the term 'server' not 'waitress'). Always proofread your report prior to submission.

Be Committed, this is a job

extra money part time jobs teachersRemember when you accept an assignment you are committing yourself to the job. It must be done when it is assigned for. Do not miss your shop date or perform it late, call as soon as you know if there is a problem with the date. Fill out your report as soon as possible after the evaluation, in most cases evaluations must be submitted complete within 12 hours of the visit. Accuracy in your reporting of the experience is of utmost importance.

Be yourself ...  you are a typical yet more observant consumer

Remember it may be work, but it can be fun too! Try to pretend that you are doing your evaluation just as you would had you walked into the establishment to shop or dine for yourself. Quality & service evaluations can be a great way to make a second income or just provide a little extra spending cash.

Have fun with it but remember there is no such thing as a free lunch, assignments are just that, work assignments. You must be observant, accurate, dependable and timely in completing your evaluation assignments to make the most of this experience! Please remember these are not social occasions, so pay attention to what the client wants to know and if you have a friend with you get them involved by paying attention to the assignment as well, people always like to give their input.

Always REMEMBER, before being submitted to the client, every evaluation will be reviewed by our staff for completeness, detail and accuracy. A number of client staff also has access to the information you provide, from executives to location staff and management.


Rated Evaluator Membership -more shoppes  jobs benefits Only $9.99 /year Plus Bonus:
Rated Member's Benefits

We find our Rated Evaluators Are Committed to being the Best Mystery Shoppers" and overall they understand mystery shopping jobs are real work They complete Mystery Shops on time and are more reliable.

Mystery shopping jobs


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SSI has part time jobs mystery shopping. Satisfaction Services needs mystery shoppers nationwide to complete real mystery shopping jobs. Be a Mystery Shopper for Satisfaction Services. Secret shoppers - Mystery Shops - Mystery Shopping "Part time Jobs" - Please Remember that real mystery shopping jobs are work, they are not a "get rich" quick scheme. You do not need to pay for a list of Mystery Shopping Companies, Please Search Google, Yahoo and Bing for Mystery Shopping Companies. Mystery Shopper certification and membersip with any other association or mystery shopping company will not help you get more secret shops with Satisfaction Service.



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Rated Evaluator Membership -
Only $9.99 /year Plus Bonus:
Rated Member's Benefits

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We have found our Rated Evaluators Are Committed to being the "Best Mystery Shoppers" overall and complete Mystery Shops on time and are reliable.


Shoppers Q&A: Please Refer To Your Training Documents For Each Mystery Shopping Assignment by Logging in - Your Login info is in your mystery shop assignment email for every shop. You need to read the training material for every mystery shopping job assignment to complete shopping evaluations correctly.

Shoppers: You will not be able to Login if you are an evaluator and you do not have any current evaluation assignments or mystery shopping jobs. Please email our Shopping Schedulers with any other questions or for assignments

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