Satisfaction Services is a leading provider of Quality and Service Evaluation Programs, a concept of mystery shopping. We have changed the philosophy of an industry that has focused on people doing things wrong into a philosophy of rewarding people for doing things right. Satisfaction Services Mystery Shopping _
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Mystery Shopping My Business -

What is Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is the practice of using secret shoppers who have been trained to anonymously evaluate customer service, hospitality, company location operations, merchandising, product quality, loss prevention and employee integrity. SSI can also evaluate your competiton along with market research, competitive pricing and customer surveys for guest satisfaction. Satisfaction Services ® Mystery Shopping

Satisfaction Services is a leading provider of quality and service evaluation programs, a concept of mystery shopping. We have changed the philosophy of an industry that has focused on people doing things wrong into a philosophy of rewarding people for doing things right with mystery shopping.

Our belief is that if you recognize positive behavior, it will happen with a greater degree of frequency. The negatives are a natural by product of the process. Our mystery shoppers are your typical customers and they will evaluate your company from the customers perspective through mystery shopping.

Our mystery shopping services are structured on your company's method of operating your business. We customize each clients evaluation criteria to meet the goals and expectations you have established for your customer. We then communicate the results back to you in an accurate, comprehensive and timely manner. One goal of ours is to be the best mystery shopping company in all ways. Exceeding your expectations of a mystery shopping company.

Our selection and training of mystery shopping evaluators for your business is based on over 20 years of successful experience providing mystery shopping service to many of the most prominent retail, restaurant, hospitality and service companies worldwide.

satisfaction services - mystery shopping your business

what we do
Assist you in determining your needs in a mystery shopping / evaluation program. Custom design a format to evaluate your business.

Evaluations and backup reports are delivered via our website within 24 hours. Your information is password protected for your exclusive access.
Our reports and mystery shopping technology are enhanced constantly, we are the evolving mystery shopping company.
One goal of ours is to be the best mystery shopping company in all ways. We will exceed your expectations of a mystery shopping company.

How do we do what we do so well as a mystery shopping company
We maintain close relationships with our clients to guide them in the best utilization of the results. We select and train mystery shoppers based on your typical customer profile. We constantly send new shoppers to your locations for a fresh perspective. We review each evaluation or mystery shop before you receive it. We provide aggregate reporting on the results of each evaluation.

Weekly, monthly and year to date results are compiled by location, district, region, franchise, all locations and by each question on the evaluation.
We are the constantly evolving mystery shopping company, our back up reporting and types of reports are unsurpassed.

Why we do what we do that makes us different than other mystery shopping companies

To identify areas of opportunity to target for training. To identify top performers so they can be recognized. To save money on advertising dollars spent to create trial. To increase top line sales through building customer loyalty. To increase profits and sustain growth.

To provide you with the single most important asset you can have, understanding the "Quality" of the product and service you are delivering to your customer.

To give you unparalleled insight into the customer experience .

You can find articles of us in Marketing News, Grocery Headquarters, Pool & "Spa", Restaurant News, Today's Restaurant News, TV, Business News, Radio, Nations Restaurant News, Business Journal, South Florida Business.

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Mystery shopping and Secret Shopper provider in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hamsphire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, SouthDakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. Secret Shoppers service and mystery shopping jobs nationwide and International Mystery Shopper Service.



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Some of the Services we offer as a Mystery Shopping Company: Secret Shoppers Trained For Your Companies Concept - Telephone Surveys - Guest Surveys - Exit Surveys - Comment Cards Programs - Guest Service Checks Secret Shopper Programs - IVR -
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