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Why use mystery shoppers?

All types of companies employ mystery shoppers to report on levels of service and customer satisfaction. In doing so they are able to ensure that their staff are properly trained, product quality is consistent, and that the company image is being portrayed in the desired manner.

Mystery shoppers are also used by companies that franchise and that rely on distributors or resellers to supply their products to the public. To be sure that the distributors are representing the products faithfully and are fully trained.

What do mystery shoppers do?
Our service evaluators will approach your company in the same manner as any other business client or prospect would, and comment upon service levels and satisfaction.

What questions will they ask?
Our shoppers can be used to evaluate a wide variety of products and services such as the sales team's speed in delivering brochures, judging the level of technical support offered, seeing how easy (or difficult) to obtain services, obtaining selected contact names and direct line numbers, and just generally observing overall staff friendliness and helpfulness, facility cleanliness and ambiance.

We will help and advise as to the exact questions you should ask.

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How much am I reimbursed?

Different visits pay different amounts. We will tell you what any particular visit pays before you are scheduled to go.

When am I reimbursed?
The 25th. of the month for the prior month's visit. Example: for a visit done on January 15th., reimbursement would be February 25th.

Can I tell any friends or relatives about this?
Yes. Please do. We are constantly seeking new evaluators in all areas of the country.

How soon will I be scheduled a shop?
You will be scheduled as shopping opportunities are available in your area.

Am I guaranteed schedules?
No. However, as our demand increases in your area you are more likely to be scheduled for mystery shops.

Getting paid to shop! Is this for real?
Yes. Businesses are willing to pay to determine where their customer service requirements can improve. Satisfaction Services is looking for potential mystery shoppers such as you to complete mystery shops.

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