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Satisfaction Services is a leading provider of Quality and Service Evaluation Programs, a concept of mystery shopping. We have changed the philosophy of an industry that has focused on people doing things wrong into a philosophy of rewarding people for doing things right. Secret Shopper Company _
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Mystery Shopping Jobs with Satisfaction Services

Satisfaction Services Inc. is constantly seeking "mystery shoppers" or service evaluators to perform our service audit reports / mystery shopping jobs. Mystery shopping is a part time job and it is serious work that you can do the work from home.

Our mystery shoppers must be dependable, accurate, thorough and mystery shopping reports must be submitted correctly within 12 hours after your mystery shopping assignment.

Mystery Shopping Job Shoppers
We offer two mystery shopper /evaluator programs for you to choose from:

SSI Rated Evaluator Member - Only $9.99 /year Plus Bonus: Rated Mystery Shoppers
One Year Rated Member's Only Benefits

mystery shopping jobsShoppers job workWe select from our pool of rated evaluators first for assignments and offer those assignments to the evaluators with the highest SSI quality rating. This is the best way to go, as it offers you the chance to make the most money.

As an SSI rated evaluator member the most dedicated and qualified will be selected the most frequently for available mystery shop assignments in their area based on the client needs. Plus, you will receive some very impressive benefits, savings and discounts reserved only for our rated members. Read our Terms & Conditions

SSI Non-Rated Evaluator Member - Free offer assignments to non-rated evaluators only after/if there are no available SSI rated evaluators in the area. You will have fewer opportunities than the rated evaluators in your area. Plus, you'll miss out on our rated member's-only benefits, savings and discounts.

Becoming an SSI rated evaluator is easy.
We simply ask you pay a small fee of $9.99 to cover the administrative costs related to setup, review of your evaluations, assigning a rating and moving you into the pool of SSI rated evaluators.

We will always choose rated valuators first for available assignments. You can, however, choose not to pay the nominal fee. If you choose the free evaluator program, you will still have the possibility to receive assignments in your area, but not on a "first choice" basis.

Rated evaluators will always be chosen first for jobs, as their quality rating will ensure our clients receive the best evaluators available.

Program Terms and Conditions:
Satisfaction Services takes its responsibility to clients very seriously. Clients expect top-notch, high accuracy evaluations at all times. SSI makes every effort to match evaluators with available assignments using geographic match, unique criteria provided by the client and information about the evaluator.

This includes, but is not limited to: historical performance of the evaluator and other criteria established by SSI from time to time. A rated evaluator is placed into the pool of available evaluators to be considered first, ahead of any non-rated evaluators in a given area, for assignments where client needs and mystery shoppers profiles match.

The non-refundable fee charged to become an SSI rated evaluator is paid by the evaluator to SSI for inclusion into the rating program for first consideration ahead of non-rated evaluators. While SSI makes every effort to match evaluators to client assignments, SSI makes no guarantee regarding current or future volume of assignments or related income for any evaluator. Rated members may receive discounts from our clients for purchases of products and services. This discount program may change at any time without notice.

Click here to join our SSI RATED evaluators - bonus benefits are available only to our "rated members" the benefits program is for our rated "mystery shoppers".

Click here to join our SSI non-rated evaluators for Mystery Shopping Jobs

he kind of mystery shoppers we hire are reliable, observant, eloquent and able to follow precise instructions. Shoppers must provide clear, concise written comments along with matching responses. As a leading and high quality mystery shopping company we have very specific training and complete and thorough mystery shopping forms with extensive summary. Our shoppers must follow our training and examples to mystery shop for Satisfaction Services.

Mystery shopping part time jobs, work done by assignment in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hamsphire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, SouthDakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. We have shops coast to coast and are scheduling company shops daily. Secret Shoppers service and mystery shopping jobs nationwide, part time work that is a good opportunity for college students, teachers, editors, writers and work from home individuals because it is an internet based program.


Mystery Shopping "Jobs", Be a Mystery Shopper for Satisfaction Services- Secret Shopper- Mystery Shops - Mystery Shopping "Part time Jobs" Available by assignment. We post some of our jobs on "Shadow Shopper" and Google and Yahoo Groups along with other jobs and classifieds ads and posts. If you are a Shadow Shopper you must also sign up with Satisfaction Services Inc and contact us for shops 954-564-6570.


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SSI posts Some of our mystery shops, Mystery Shopping Jobs available
on "Shadow Shopper"

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Although we post mystery shops on "Shadow Shopper" you must also register with Satisfaction Services to get mystery shopping jobs with us in your area/zip/state


You do not have to Join ShadowShopper Or any other company to get Mystery Shops with us

You do not need to be a Certified Shopper to Shop with us


We Post Some of our Mystery Shopping Jobs on "Shadow Shopper" Shadow Shopper
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