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Mystery Shopping by Satisfaction Services -

"Our mystery shoppers are your typical customers and they will evaluate your company from the customers perspective".
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Mystery shopping for great customer service is key to success. We customize each clients mystery shopping evaluation criteria to meet the goals and expectations you have established for your customer.

We then communicate the results back to you in an accurate, comprehensive and timely manner. Evaluations and backup reports are delivered via our website typically within 24 hours.

Your information is password protected for your exclusive access. 100% web-based programs so your information is available 24/ 7 anywhere you have internet access.

Training Mystery Shoppers Your Co.
We select and train our evaluators / shoppers based on your typical customer profile. We review each evaluation or mystery shop before you receive it. We provide aggregate reporting on the results in a variety of formats based on your needs.

Weekly, monthly and year to date results are compiled by location, district, region, franchise, all locations and by each question on the evaluation. We are the constantly evolving mystery shopping company, our back up reporting and types of reports are unsurpassed. Including target reporting, drill down features and data analysis in a variety of formats.

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Mystery Shopping Jobs - Satisfaction Services Inc. is constantly seeking mystery shoppers or service evaluators to perform our "mystery shopping jobs" and service audits. How do I become a mystery shopper? Satisfaction Services Is accepting qualified individuals to become mystery shoppers. It is work, however it can be fun and rewarding.  Mystery shopping is a part time job done by assignment or Mystery Shops.

Join our Mystery Shoppers: Our mystery shoppers must be dependable, accurate, thorough and reports must be submitted correctly within 12 hours after your mystery shopping assignment or mystery shop. SSI has mystery shops available in most areas of the US and Canada

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We are Satisfaction Services, Inc. ®, The “Mystery Shopping” company -

Please beware of scams that offer high paying, get rich as a mystery shopper jobs and check cashing schemes. Mystery Shopping is a real part time job and you can not get rich quickly as a mystery shopper, mystery shoppers must complete mystery shopping assignments and there is work involved . Beware of any mystery shopping or survey scheme that sounds too good to be true.

Mystery Shopping Scam Alert: April 18, 2011

There are disreputable companies scamming shoppers.

One of the latest and more serious we've heard about is a company sending out large advance cashiers checks. The shopper is told to send a Money Gram or Western Union to a person keeping part of the check for themselves. However, the check is not legitimate and bounces, leaving the shopper without any money to cover the Money Gram. News About Mystery Shopping Scam Alert Read More


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