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Guest Services

Mike Albert and Mickie Albert went shopping with the Today Show. As Mike Albert says

"Truly great guest service is the key to success in any business." Monitor the guest service you deliver with our mystery shopping services.

Great service is only a great guest service when it has been ordered , bought and consumed. Loyal customers are built from great guest service. Learn from your customers perspective, your guests perception of your services delivered through mystery shopping. "Companies must strive to deliver top guest service to all guests all the time."

Guest service should be the number one priority of all your staff..............

Satisfaction Services Inc are specialists in guest service programs / mystery shopping services and are market leaders in our field. Our guest service evaluation reports will give you unparalleled insight into guest experience and satisfaction.

Please visit our guest services demonstration for more information about how to work with Satisfaction Services, Inc. and make our mystery shopping services work for you.

Satisfaction Services Inc. the mystery shopping company will provide a guest service program to increase profits by building guest loyalty through measuring and monitoring "a quality guest experience".

That is what our mystery shopping is about - guest service!

FRL Florida Restaurant & Lodging
People dine where they feel good, and an effective quality and service evaluation program will ensure they feel good with you
Service with a Smile: The Key to Success

In a recent Zagat Survey, 72 percent of the respondent complaints were service-related. That is a staggering number, but not entirely surprising given the current state of customer service. MORE

Secret shopping puts customer service under microscope - Money Talks
Have you ever been in the grocery check-out bagging your own stuff while two or three store clerks stand not too far away talking loudly about taking their upcoming 10-minute break or when their shifts end for the day? MORE

QSR QSR Quick Service Restaurant Success
QSR | Quality and Speed for Restaurant Success Sep 6, 2006

Using technology to improve mystery shopping.
When a restaurant operator wants to evaluate their operation, it would be nice to be able to read customers’ minds. Secret shoppers, who are clandestine agents sent to evaluate your business, can provide that insight. MORE

Small things can add up to a happy, loyal customer...or lost business - Canadian Retail Management
Do you know how much your customers are worth? More importantly, do your store employees and servicemen know? If a family uses your cleaning and maintenance services weekly and spends a $100 per month, they are worth $24,000 to your company over the next 20 years. Losing just 10 customers can mean losing almost a quarter of a million dollars. MORE

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Satisfaction Services brings IVR (Integrated Voice Response) capabilities to traditional evaluation programs.

Instant Voice Response


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